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Nigel Fabric Brooch


So one day I wondered what Jeff would look like if he were a cat and this is the result!
We called him Nigel, because, well why not. It was either that or Kevin and who's ever heard of a cat called Kevin. That would be ridiculous!

These Nigels are hand drawn onto finest crispy white calico.
They are scribbly and raggedy round the edges by design not by accident!!
Nigels are stuffed with polyester fluff, blanket stitched and backed with a brooch pin so you can pin them onto stuff - coats/bags/whatever!

Nigels are approximately 2cm tall (small?) and come in cute little packages and boxes and will make a great gift/stocking stuffer for the weirdos in your life - or for yourself because, well, let's face it.... ;)

Postage is £1.50 for the UK and £3.50 for the rest of the world.

*** A few 'seconds' have been listed at half price.
The fronts are all perfectly good, it is only the backs that may have slipped sightly whilst sewing. No one except you (and me) would ever know.
It's not like anyone goes around asking to look at the backs of brooches anyway is it?
If you order a second, you will be sent a random colour! ***

*** Grey, Green, blue and seconds now sold out ***