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Fierce Ethel

£60.00 / Coming Soon

And tho she be but little she is fierce!

She might have a pretty smile like butter wouldn’t melt, but you just watch it, this little lady means business!
Don’t mess with a tiny lady zombie, especially not when she’s in possession of a rusty meat cleaver!*

These little ladies are approximately 3” small.
They each come in their own display box and are conveniently strapped in with danger tape. Not only does it serve as a warning, it helps to keep their cleavers in the air. It’s a big cleaver and Ethel is only a tiny little lady so she needs a bit of help!
You can of course take her out of her display box but when you put her back, be sure to count your fingers!

Ethel has thread jointed arms and grippy hands to hold stuff which makes
her posable, but please do remember she is not a toy. These girls are a collectible display 'thing' for adults only and absolutely certainly most definitely not intended for children. Children are ridiculous and have enough of their own things to play with.

Choose your little lady (number 24 or 25) from the drop down menu.

A note about shipping...
These little beasts take a long time to make (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears) and as such, they will be sent by a signed for service only.
If you are purchasing from abroad you are responsible for any import duties that may occur.