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Clown flavoured dangly things


'Orrible Jeff clowns for you to dangle off things.

These frightening little exhibits have been screen printed onto finest bright white calico for your very best dangling experience. Their noses and stripes have been hand coloured one at a time, their bums stuffed full of love (and polyester fluff) and I have personally trimmed their barnets, fluffed them up good, and wrestled them into cute little packages so they're all nice and ready to either treat yourself or give to your clown loving (or hating) friends as a gift.
They would make particularly nice (awful) stocking stuffers,

The fabric is pre-shrunk and the inks have been heat set so technically your clown Jeff is washable if you're going to hang him on your keys or your bag or somewhere where he'll get grubby. You'd want to be careful with his hair though. It will shed if you're not gentle with him.

Personally me, I'd pick a nice spot indoors where he could sit or dangle to his hearts content without getting all yucky and mucky. Jeff thinks he is King and should be treated as such. *insert smug face emoji here*

Please remember.
Jeffs of any kind is not toys and should not be given to children or anyone that might try and eat them. They'd be coughing up Jeff fur balls for days (if they didn't die of clown poisoning).

**** Please note, some very slight seconds have been added to this listing at a reduced price. So slight you'll hardly notice (if at all) but my perfectionist brain knows and is displeased with me, hence the drop in price. ***.