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Grim Reaper Jeff 1/3

£50.00 / Sold Out

Available Halloween 8pm GMT

This 'ere 'orrible thing is a Grim Reaper Jeff.
LIke a normal Jeff, but with 150% more Awful
He is Jeff no. 125 but is also number one in a limited edition* of just 3 tiny little reapers.

He looks very dapper in his cloak which is removable (though as it is made of felt, you will need to be gentle with your big sausage fingers).
He has thread jointed poseable arms and grippy hands to hold his scythe and/or any other tiny weaponry you may happen to have knocking around (yeah, I know you have stuff like that).
Jeff is a mighty 3 inches small but don't let his size fool you - he's gruesome and would happily hack your limbs off without so so much as a by your leave if you turn your back on him for more than a few seconds!

It should be noted that Reaper Jeff is a collectible display item for adults only.
He is not a toy and should not be treated as such.
Put him on a high shelf somewhere out the way of sticky little fingers, for as gruesome as he thinks he is, he is a delicate little bean and is no match for a terrifying destructive child.
Jeff is presented in a scruffy old gift box, and will be sent to you beautifully packaged via a signed for service.
If you live in the abroads, postage can be a bit on the expensive side but better safe than sorry.

* I reserve the right to make more Reaper Jeffs in the future (though there will be some difference to set them apart from this edition)