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Axe Murderer Jeffs 1-14

£35.00 / Sold Out

Available Halloween 8pm GMT

Axe Murderin' Jeff.
What a delight!

These Jeffs are a limited edition of 14.
In the whole scheme of Jeff world domination, they are also numbered from no. 128 to no. 142
These tiny (3") horrors come complete with their own tiny little axe for wreaking all kinds of havoc, mayhem and possibly even a little malarkey.
They have thread jointed arms which makes them poseable and grippy hands to hold stuff for when they wants to do killin' n' that.

Please do be careful with the little blighters though.
They are collectible display 'things' only and not toys.
They are also absolutely definitely notly made for tiny humans as they are made from delicate fabrics and will not stand the kind of attention/manhandling that a small child might wish to lavish upon them.

Your chosen Jeff (choose from the drop down menu) will come to you in a scruffy little gift box complete with tiny caution tape for you to apply if you wish to display him in his box.
He will be sent beautifully packaged via a signed for service.

*Future me reserves the right to make more Axe Murderin' Jeffs, though there will be subtle (or huge) differences to set them apart from this edition.

p.s. Just to manage your expectations if you are new to the world of Jeff...
If you don't wish to display Jeff in his box, he will need propping up as he won't stand up without a bit of help. Have you seen those excuses for legs?

also. hastily made plasticine gravestone props not included!

The end.